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Ptrivedi Resume
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Tarkington Hall NE 243 1165 West Stadium DrivePARTHSARATHI TRIVEDI 8A Vivek Vihar13 3 Ballygunge Circular Rd530-PARTH-55 ptrivedi ptrivedi comWest Lafayette IN 47906 USA Kolkata-700019 IndiaCitizenship IndianInterests include orbital mechanics space mission design Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics and controlaerospace systems design and integrationEducationPurdue University West Lafayette IndianaBachel...
Mee 447
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COURSE: CIE 545 - Structural Dynamics FALL 2011 College of Engineering OnlineCOURSE MEE 447 - Flight Dynamics Modeling and Control of Aircraft and Space VehiclesCOURSE DESCRIPTION This course provides an introduction to the flight dynamicsmodeling and fundamental control aspects of aerospace vehicles The course is divided into twohalves a Spacecraft flight vehicle component and an atmospheric fli...
Optimal Cones Intersection Technique
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Optimal Cones Intersection Technique Daniele Mortari Puneet SinglaDepartment of Aerospace Engineering Texas A M University College StationTX 77843-3141AbstractThis paper presents the extension to the classical Cones Intersection Techniquewhich was and is exhaustively used to estimate the spin axis direction of spin sta-bilized Spacecraft The resulting Optimal Cones Intersection Technique is derive... Cones Interse...n Technique.pdf
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defended in Feb 2004Professional 2000 present Research Assistant Dept of Computer Science Texas A MExperience o Main topic mobile robot navigation and localization using range sensorso Main work algorithm design software development and hardware experimentso Secondary work supervise group project developing a web-based route planner1999 Research Assistant Dept of Aerospace Engineering Texas A Mo M
Yb Small
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sics Al-bert Einstein InstituteScientific visualisation M Koppitz Zuse Institute BerlinSatellite visualisation Milde Marketing Science CommunicationiMission DescriptionScience ObjectivesTrace the formation growth and merger history of massive black holesExplore stellar populations and Dynamics in galactic nucleiSurvey compact stellar-mass binaries and study the structure of the GalaxyConfront Gene
Formation Flying Sjchung
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untitled JOURNAL OF GUIDANCE CONTROL AND DYNAMICSVol 32 No 2 March April 2009Application of Synchronization to FormationFlying Spacecraft Lagrangian ApproachSoon-Jo ChungIowa State University Ames Iowa 50011andUmair Ahsun and Jean-Jacques E SlotineMassachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge Massachusetts 02139DOI 10 2514 1 37261This paper presents a uni ed synchronization framework with applic...
08 Abdelrahman
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Preparation of Papers for AIAA Technical Conferences GNC 20087TH INTERNATIONAL ESA CONFERENCE ON GUIDANCE NAVIGATION CONTROL SYSTEMS2-5 JUNE 2008 TRALEE COUNTY KERRY IRELANDSimultaneous Spacecraft Attitude and Orbit Estimation Using Magnetic Field VectorMeasurementsMohammad Abdelrahman1 and Sang-Young Park21Assitant Research Professor Astrodynamics and Control Lab ACL Department of Astronomy Yonse...
Ground Station Design For Uwe 1
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f a ground station system is to support the space segment anddistribute mission data to users A typical ground station system should include thebasic elements of Commanding and Controlling Monitoring Spacecraft healthTracking Calculating Spacecraft Attitude In this paper we will proceed with thefollowing steps to describe the GSS2 Mathematical Model Map Projections SystemModel Numeric Method Imple Station Design f...n for UWE-1.pdf
Groccot Jgcd
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Experimental Comparison of Robust H2 Control Techniques for Uncertain Structural Systems J GUIDANCE VOL 20 NO 3 ENGINEERING NOTES 611large weighting to the direction of joint movements for realizing the II H2 Control Techniquesdesired terminal conditions Common to each of the control techniques is the system dynamicsConclusion x D Ax C Bw w C Bu uPThis Note proposes a method of path planning for s...
Aero 402 Midterm Report Spacecraft
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Jim Henrickson AERO 40210-14-2011AERO 402 Spacecraft DesignMid-Term Status for Spacecraft TeamIntroductionLong-term development of the proposed albedo-change asteroid mitigation method necessitates short-term testing of the albedo treatment subsystem Fortunately the hardware behind this task is basedlargely on existing commercially available and proven tribo-dispensing systems As such ground-based... Mid-Term Reports/Aero 402... Spacecraft.pdf
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SDL 11-196B PICO-SATELLITE EXO-ATMOSPHERIC RESEARCH LABORATORY FLIGHT SOFTWAREPEARLsoft is the Space Dynamics Laboratory s SDL software PEARLsoft meets the design requirementsof most pico satellites and hassolution for the PEARL CubeSat platform and the Modulardesign heritage on theAvionics System MODAS PEARLsoft operates on the MODAS AIM-SOFIE missionBus Interface Controller BIC single board comp...
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AAS Paper.PDF AAS 00-005DESIGN IMPLEMENTATION AND FLIGHT RESULTS FORALL-STELLAR Attitude DETERMINATIONJim D ChapelStephen M MiccicheRichard KiessigAn all-stellar Attitude determination capability has been developed for both theMars Climate Orbiter MCO and the Stardust Spacecraft This capability wasdesigned to both save power and extend IMU life thereby enabling theextended missions of these spacec...
Publication List
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Systems Volume 10 Number 5 pp 1-7 October 2012 Impact Factor2010 0 862K ZHANG B JIANG V COCQUEMPOT H ZHANG A Framework of Robust FaultEstimation Observer Design for continuous Discrete Time System Optimal ControlApplications and Method Accepted March 15 Impact Factor 0 569Q SHEN B JIANG and V COCQUEMPOT Fuzzy Logic System-based Adaptive FaultTolerant Control for Near Space Vehicle Attitude Dynami
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PII: S0005-1098(02)00025-0 Automatica 38 2002 1359 1364www elsevier com locate automaticaBrief PaperSynchronized multiple Spacecraft rotationsJonathan R Lawtona Randal W Beardba Raytheon Systems Inc Tucson AZ 85734 USAb Electrical and Computer Engineering Brigham Young University Provo UT 84602 USAReceived 11 December 2000 received in revised form 25 September 2001 accepted 24 January 2002Abstract...
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114 GOES DataBook Attitude and Orbit ControlSubsystemThe Attitude and orbit control subsystem AOCS provides Attitude informationand maintains the required Spacecraft Attitude during all phases of the missionstarting at Spacecraft separation from the launch vehicle and throughout itsoperational lifetime The subsystem consists of redundant microprocessor-basedcontrol electronics sun and earth sensor...
891574482 Pdf Sequence 1
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Simulation Development and Analysis of Attitude-Control System Architectures for anAstronaut Mobility Unit MASSACHUSEMTT INS TT JEOF TECHNOLOGYbyJared Philip Rize JUN 16 201B S Lehigh University 2012 LIBRARIESSubmitted to the Department of Aeronautics and Astronauticsin partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree ofMaster of Science in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineeringat theMAS...
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ATION AND C ONTROLVol 32 No 4 July Aug 2009Redundant Reaction Wheel Torque Distribution YieldingInstantaneous L2 Power-Optimal Attitude ControlHanspeter Schaub and Vaios J LappasThe Attitude control problem of a rigid Spacecraft containing a redundant set of reaction wheelsis investigated Particularly with small Spacecraft the available power is very limited due to the smallsurface area to radiate
Aiaa 1994 3653 297 Yale Agrawal
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COOPERATIVE CONTROL OF MULTIPLE SPACE MANIPULATORS Gary E Yale Brij N AgrawaltPhillips Laboratory Naval Postgraduate SchoolKirtland AFB NM 87 117 Monterey CA 93940 USAcompensate One can find the Spacecraft Attitude distur-bance caused by manipulator motion and use that informa-This paper concerns the cooperative control of multiple tion to command reaction wheels on the main body 3 Bettermanipulat...
Iccas Yjcheon
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ICCAS2005 June 2-5 KINTEX Gyeonggi-Do Korea Unscented Filtering in a Unit Quaternion Space for Spacecraft Attitude EstimationYee-Jin CheonKOMPSAT-3 System Engineering Integration Dept Korea Aerospace Research Institute Daejeon 305-333 KoreaTel 82-42-860-2757 Fax 82-42-860-2007 Email yjcheon kari re krAbstract A new approach to the straightforward implementation of the unscented lter in a unit quat...
Abstract Aidaa200917
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their Attitude Dynamics long mission duration costs and safetyIn this work we studied the possibility to use an airship for measurements and mapping of wide areasin a variety of environments urban areas open spaces coutryside harsh environments mountains etcOutcomes of this study are the possibility to use the airship as a platform for atmospheric monitoringinvestigate presence of pollutants aeros
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jectGoddard Space Flight CenterNational Aeronautics and Space AdministrationEdited ByRomeo R SabatiniAllied Research Associates IncBaltimore MarylandNovember 1972THE NIMBUS 5 USER S GUIDEFOREWORDThis document has been prepared to provide potential data users with back-ground information on the Nimbus 5 Spacecraft and experiments as a basis forselecting obtaining and utilizing Nimbus 5 data in rese
Carsten J Rgensen Cj
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ed specificcapabilities as a supplier of complete turnkey systemsspecialized products and specialist servicesSpace delivers systems and products from a broadproduct range for example Star Trackers at the equipmentlevel power conditioning at the subsystem level completeinstruments and satellites at the system levelSpace has also provided specialist engineering servicesincluding Spacecraft Flight Dy
Ralph Align Writeup03
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PLEISA-RAW STARTMET F RALPHEXPTable 1 Exposure start time for Ralph framesInstrument ModeThe instrument and mode for a Ralph observation can be determined by the SOC filename prefixor by keyword values in the FITS header Table 2 For convenience the TDI-Index value isintroduced This is the arrangement of the TDI channels in a spatial sense with Index 0 Near IRbeing the channel at the leading edge o
Cdc 2007 Attitude Tracking
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A Velocity-Free Attitude Tracking Controller for Rigid Spacecraft Proceedings of the FrC18 446th IEEE Conference on Decision and ControlNew Orleans LA USA Dec 12-14 2007A velocity-free Attitude tracking controller for rigid spacecraftAbdelhamid TayebiAbstract In this paper we propose a quaternion-based 10 17 In fact in 6 the authors used the passivity-dynamic output feedback for the Attitude track...
Vega 2009
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AIAA 2009-5812 AIAA Modeling and Simulation Technologies Conference 10 - 13 August 2009 Chicago IllinoisDesign and Modeling of an Active Attitude ControlSystem for CubeSat Class SatellitesKarla Vega and David AuslanderDepartment of Mechanical Engineering University of California Berkeley Berkeley CA 94720 USADavid PankowSpace Sciences Laboratory University of California Berkeley Berkeley CA 94720 ... Spacecraft...m/vega_2009.pdf
Aiaa 2009 6204
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Analysis of Spinning Spacecraft with Wire Booms, Part 3: Spin-Plane Dynamics, Maneuvers, and Deployment AIAA Guidance Navigation and Control Conference AIAA 2009-620410 - 13 August 2009 Chicago IllinoisAnalysis of Spinning Spacecraft with Wire BoomsPart 3 Spin-Plane Dynamics Maneuvers andDeploymentUday J Shankar Timothy G McGee and Brian L KempJohns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory11...
Aiaa 1994 3625 306 Bang Agrawal
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CATION OF CONST AINT Dynamics FOR Spacecraft MANEUVER Hyochoong Bang and Brij N AgrawalNaval Postgraduate School CA 93943Abstract stability problem For Spacecraft especially flexiblespacecraft maneuver this approach can be applied toA new approach for Spacecraft maneuver based upon a situation where the accurate pointing maneuver isconstraint Dynamics and tracking control laws is pre- demanded For...
1994 Cdc Mspj
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Time-varying feedback stabilization of the Attitude of a rigid Spacecraft with two controls - Decision and Control, 1994., Proceedings of the 33rd IEEE Conference on Proceedingsof the 33rdConference on Decisionand ControlWM-16 2110 -Lake Buena Vista FL December 1994Time-varying Feedback Stabilization of the Attitudeof a Rigid Spacecraft with two controlsP Morin C Samson J -B Pomet Z -P JiangINRIA ...
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Hughes.doc Professor Thomas J R HughesSeehttp en wikipedia org wiki ThomasJ R Hugheshttp users ices utexas edu hugheshttp www worldcat org identities lccn-n79-135026http journalogy net Author 1066500 thomas-j-r-hugheshttp imechanica org node 2293http www ae utexas edu news archive 2011 5-Hughes-royal-societyhttp en wikipedia org wiki ThomasJ R HughesYoungInvestigatorAwardhttp www facebook com page...
Ecc Orb Jgcd
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Relative Dynamics and Control of Spacecraft Formations in Eccentric Orbits JOURNAL OF GUIDANCE CONTROL AND DYNAMICSVol 25 No 1 January February 2002Relative Dynamics and Control of SpacecraftFormations in Eccentric OrbitsG khan InalhanoStanford University Stanford California 94305andMichael Tillerson and Jonathan P HowMassachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge Massachusetts 02139Formation yin...