Lot Sales at Honduras Shores Plantation, Tela

The staff mirrors the principles on which Honduras Shores Plantation was founded. Our goal is not to sell property but to create a community where families instantly feel at home. Safety, honesty and integrity are our primary concerns. We pride ourselves in assisting our clients in finding that piece of paradise that is suitable to their needs and taking them all the way through the building process. That explains why over 85% of this development has already been sold.

Our standard size lot is 26 meters by 34 meters, lots are attractively priced and financing is available, lot prices start at US$56,405.00. Clear ownership title to each property is provided and the lots have been approved for foreign ownership. This makes the opportunity to purchase a lot with Honduras Shores Plantation a hard one to match in Honduras especially considering our location and amenities.

Lots in Red are available.

There are only a handful of places in the world where you get real value for your real estate investment. Honduras Shores Plantation is one of those places….land is a wise investment, the value always goes up!!

All lot purchases include a special membership to the Tela Beach Club. Water and electricity is supplied by the Municipality of Tela.
Our community is in close proximity to the Garifuna Village of Tornabe, which is adjacent to the future Tela Bay Development Project, home to the future 5 star resorts and golf course, approximately 2 km from our location.

That explains why over 85% of this development has already been sold.



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