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First Grade Weekly Update 043012
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Ms Magee s First Grade Class Weekly Update for April 30PhonicsReview vowel digraphs ea ee oa ooReview plural nouns tricky pluralsSpelling list 29 will be based on vowel digraphs and other long vowel wordsBlending single and multi-syllable wordsGrammarReview compound vs simple sentencesPlural nounsIdentifying and writing compound sentencesReadingUnderstanding the Main Idea and Main Character in a s...
First Grade Flash February 17th
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First Grade Flash February 17th First Grade FLASHVisith1p t h e FWeek of February 17 2014bl irstkaec o Ghele gs henri r a d e B- rst co k12 v l o ga usSnow snow and more snow We hope you allenjoyed the snow days Please use the word studywords you received last week to complete the wordstudy assignment for Monday Students will beassessed on these words on FridayWe will continue to work on equality ... G...bruary 17th.pdf
First Grade Independent Study Contract
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First Grade INDEPENDENT STUDY CONTRACT Although student absence should be limited to illness we understand that under certain rareconditions it might become necessary for students to be away from the classroom for personal familyreasons When these occasions arise the student is responsible for all worksheets and assignments thatthe class completed during his her absence These assignments must be d... CONTRACT.pdf
Main Idea Benchmarke
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Microsoft Word - Main Idea benchmark.doc Main IdeaFocus Skill FCATLA A 2 2 1Definition the specific part of a subject a writer chooses to concentrate 3rdItem Type multiple choiceon Passage AttributesPassages maybe literary text or informational textBenchmark Clarification The student identifies Main Idea or The passage will include one or more of the followingessential message either implied or no... Idea benchma... benchmarkE.pdf
Paragraphs 1 Main Idea
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Main Idea Worksheets | Find the Main Idea Name Find the Main IdeaThe Constitution of the U S has been amended several times to allow more citizens the rightto vote The 15th Amendment rati ed in 1870 extended voting rights to former slaves The 19thAmendment rati ed in 1920 gave women the right to vote In 1971 the 26th Amendment grantedvoting rights to those 18 years and older changing the requireme...
First Grade Toolkit English
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Microsoft Word - First Grade Family Lit and Math Toolkit English 2.doc Seattle Public Schools 20101Seattle Public SchoolsLearning Requirements forFirst GradeREADING WRITING MATHDear FamiliesThis booklet was created specially for you because it is proven that the early yearsin a child s education are so important We hope you find this material useful inhelping your child succeed in schoolIn Seattle... English.pdf
Main Idea
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Name Finding the Main Idea Main IdeaRead each paragraph and choose the Main ideaI have a dog named Boots I taught him lots of The Main Idea of this paragraph istricks When I tell him to Boots will sit or lie down He a Boots is my dogcan also wave his paw to greet people When I say b Boots can sitDance Boots he will stand up on two legs and walk c Boots is very smartI don t know of many dogs that ...
2011 2012 Lesson Plans April 23 May 3 2012 Teacher Choice Main Idea With Details
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Reading Lab Lesson Plan Ms. Accordino Subject: Reading April 23 – May 3, 2012 Teacher’s Reading Lab Lesson Plan Ms AccordinoSubject Reading April 23 May 3 2012 Teacher s ChoiceMAIN Idea RETELL KEY DETAILSKINDERGARTENKentucky Core Academic Standards Language Arts - Grade KKY CC K RL Read...
November And December Newsletter 2009 2
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First Grade News First Grade NewsNovember and December 2009Dear ParentsWe look forward to seeing all of you during ourNovember conferences We are well on our way to 2010Some activities that your child will be involved in these twomonths are listed belowReadingWe will continue our Reading Initiative program Weare reading stories and books aloud and silently Childrencontinue to make progress in read... 2009(2).pdf
First Grade Health Curriculum
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Microsoft Word - First Grade health curriculum.doc School DistrictHealthCurriculum Draft February 2004Standard 1 Students will comprehend concepts related to health promotion and disease preventionGrades Benchmark Exposure Knowledge Knowledge Scope and Sequence Resources AssessmentFirst 1 Describe the E Emotional Well-Beinginterrelationships between -Identify positive qualitiesemotional social and... curriculum.pdf
Supply List First Grade Xls
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Supply List First Grade.xls AFC Elementary SchoolFirst Grade Supply ListItemsBook Bag No wheels 1Crayola Crayons Box of 24 3Glue Sticks 5Elmers Glue 4 oz No colored glittered or gels 2Eraser 2Kleenex 2 BoxesNote Cards 3 x 5 2 pkgsPaint Shirt oversized long sleeve t-shirt something they can take off themselves preferred 1Pencils Size No 2 yellow Please sharpen before sending First day 12Pocket Fold... List First Gr...t Grade.xls.pdf
First Grade Homework 8 26 13
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First Grade Homework and Happenings Below is a description of the concepts being taught in each subject this weekWe will begin our First phonics patterns this week The pattern includes short aELA Writing words and diagraph sh Your child will have their First phonics quiz on Friday Pleasesee the attached phonics letter for more detailsWe are working on Unit 1 Creating Routines and Collecting Data T...
Supply List For 1st Grade
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Sjsd First Grade Card 2014 2015 New Revised Sp
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Bolet n de Calificaciones para el Primer Grado-First Grade Report Card Nombre del Estudiante A o Escolar Nombre del Maestro Escuela Niveles de Excede los indicadores 4 Satisface los objetivos 3 Se aproxima a los Necesita Apoyo 1 No ha sidoCapta aplica y extiende conceptos Capta y aplica conceptos claves objetivos 2 Requiere m s tiempo y EvaluadoProficiencia procesos o habilidades Cumpleprocesos ... revised SP.pdf
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Main Idea Main IDEATHIS EXERCISE IS AN INDIVIDUAL ACTIVITY NOT A GROUP ACTIVITY WRITE YOUR ANSWERS ON ASHEET OF PAPER READ THE ARTICLE ON IMPLIED Main IDEAS THOROUGHLYHere is an example of a paragraph with an implied Main Idea Read the paragraph and try to figure out themain Idea of the paragraph by piecing together the details of the paragraph Then read the explanation thatfollows1 Area codes are...
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Nonfiction Main Idea Developers Read to Learn Ideas Choose Strategies Use Your Skills Answer with EvidenceMeet the Nonfiction Main Idea ChallengeWhat s the challengeStudents often give the topic or a fact as the Main Idea when they have read nonfictionWhat students need to do to meet the Main Idea requirement for nonfiction on NWEAidentify a statement or title best representing the Main Idea of th...
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First Grade Feb 7 Somers ElementaryFirst Grade NewsletterFebruary 7 2013Reading and WritingPhonics Review consonant sounds Short vowel a e i o u Long a Long i CVCeLong o Long uVocabulary Strategies Suffixes -er -est -y -fulGrammar QuestionsComprehension Main Idea Details QuestionsWriting Write to Inform Report Write to Narrate SentencesSpelling Words Words to Knowfor forWeek of February 7thWeek of...
Cc First Grade Math Standards Correlations For Web
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Standards correlations for common core First Grade math Common Core Standards Correlation towww corestandards org Common Core 1st Grade MathWith Miss Jenny FriendsOperations Algebraic Thinking Song 1 Miss Mary Mack Quack Quack p 4Song 2 20 Monkeys p 6Represent and solve problems involving Song 14 Add 3 Sets of Monkeys p 23addition and subtraction Song 21 The Pizza-Eating Alligator p 32Song 22 Alli... first grade math standards correla...ons for web.pdf
1st Grade Supplies Recovered
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Microsoft Word - First Grade Supplies Recovered.docx First Grade SuppliesPlastic pencil box 6 x 8 1 2Crayola colored pencils box of 12Crayola washable markers classic colorsTwistable crayons 2 packs in primary colorsSix glue sticksPair of sharp safety scissors2 Ticonderoga pencils 2 packsTwo pink erasers5 sturdy pocket folders no 3-prong foldersTwo compositions notebooks wide ruled not perforatedR... g...(recovered).pdf
Summer Reading List First Grade
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Microsoft Word - Summer Reading List First Grade.doc POTTSGROVE SCHOOL DISTRICTFirst Grade Summer Reading ListWorks Arranged by AuthorThe Elementary School faculty has selected the following titles as recommended summer readingPlease see the Summer Reading Letter for more information about Summer ReadingAardema Verna Traveling to TondoIn a rollicking Central African folk tale Bowane the civet cat ... Grade.pdf
Main Idea Textbook Chapter
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untitled 4 Main IdeaWhat is a Main ideaWhat is a topicHow do you recognize the difference between general and specific ideasWhat is a stated Main ideaWhat is an unstated Main ideaEveryday Reading Skills Selecting a BookCopyright 2010 by Pearson Education Inc118 CHAPTER 4 Main IdeaWhat Is a Main IdeaThe Main Idea of a passage is the core of the material the particular point theauthor is trying to c... Chapter.pdf
Ccss First Grade Cond
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League of United Latin American Citizens Common CoreState StandardsEst ndares Estatales ComunesFirst Grade - Primer GradoLanguage Arts Standards for First Los Est ndares para las Artes delGrade Lenguaje para el Primer GradoThe Common Core State Standards have two Main sections the Los est ndares estatales comunes enfocan en dos reas lasmathematics standards and the language arts standards So that ...
First Grade Standards
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revised August 2013 Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Grade 1110 12 English Language Arts and Reading 116 3 Physical Education111 13 Mathematics 117 5 Art112 12 Science 117 6 Music113 12 Social Studies 117 7 Theatre114 2 Languages Other Than English 126 6 Technology Applications115 3 Health Education110 12 English Language Arts and Reading Grade 1 Beginning with School Year 2009-2010a Intro...
Nutrition Plan First Grade
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First Grade Nutrition Lesson Plan First Grade Nutrition Lesson Plan Page 1 of 8Dear EducatorAs you know a balanced diet is critical for optimal growth and development of childrenWhile food is a necessary and delicious part of life there are concerns about the increasingincidence of obesity and overweight diabetes and other diet related health issues amongchildren In an effort to help improve eatin...
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ABB Scope and Sequence 2012-First Grade First GradeLanguage Arts PhonicsLetters and Sounds 1 is a complete phonics practice work-text Each phonics elementnecessary for learning to read is systematically reviewed in an appealing way TheAdded EnrichmentThematic units zoo farm oceanmany puzzles riddles exercises and illustrations are designed to teach word analysisspringskills build vocabulary and in...
Common Core Weekly Reading Main Idea And Summarizing
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PowerPoint Presentation Common Core AlignmentCCSS ELA-Literacy RI 5 2 Determine two or more Main ideas ofa text and explain how they are supported by key detailssummarize the textCCSS ELA-Literacy RI 5 10 By the end of the year read andcomprehend informational texts including history socialstudies science and technical texts at the high end of thegrades 4 5 text complexity band independently andpr...
First Grade Singapore Math
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Singapore Math First Grade UnderstandingSingapore Math curriculum for grades 1-6 is called Primary Mathematics There are two booksthat are used together a textbook and a workbook The textbook is used as a class activity book during thelesson and the workbook is used for independent practice The year is divided up into two parts so thereis a textbook and workbook A and a textbook and workbook B for... Math.pdf
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Microsoft Word - First Grade-1 First Grade Sight Words East Oakview ElementaryUse these flashcards to help your student become a more fluent reader These flashcardscan be cut out and reviewed at home To have fun while learning create a game that youcan play with your child Have funthe ofand ato inis youthat ithe forFirst Grade Sight Words East Oakview ElementaryUse these flashcards to help your st...
1st Grade Writing Unit 02 Authors As Mentors
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Writing Curricular Calendar First Grade 2012-2013 1Unit Two Authors as Mentors Craftsmanship and RevisionOctober NovemberOverviewOne of the most important messages we give children during a writing workshop is this Youare writers like writers the world over By inviting youngsters to adopt an author as a mentorapprenticing themselves to that author you teach them to invest in the craft of their own...
Rubric For Progress Indicators Parents[1]
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Pearland ISD First Grade Report Card Rubric for Progress IndicatorsBelow is a rubric illustrating some general descriptions of typical student learning for each of thethree progress indicator you see on the First Grade Report Card First Grade is a year ofincredible growth for young learners and students require differing levels of instructional supportalong the way These progress indicators have b...[1].pdf